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Should schools have the choice of picking what day school starts?

Would you rather start school after labor day knowing your school year will end well into June? Or would you like your school to have the option of starting the school year earlier so they can choose when the school year would end. House Bill 4396 is currently would allow schools to go back to setting their own start date. What are your thoughts?

Truancy and Attendance Issues

As a school counselor, attendance is an issue that I deal with on a regular basis.  Often times I am trying to get students and parents to see how academics are directly affected when a student is not present in school.  Most schools have their own attendance policies in place already, so what do you think about the State of Michigan getting more involved?

This article addresses families that receive assistance from the State of Michigan.  Should parents lose their benefits if they do not send their children to school?

M-Step – Should Parents be able to opt their child out?

In several schools across Michigan,  M-Step testing started today.  This test is supposed to be a summative assessment that effectively measures student growth.  Students in 3rd through 8th grade will be tested in certain subject areas.   For Juniors, this test is considered part of the Michigan Merit Exam.  With that being said, this is required along with the college entrance exam that was taken earlier in March as well as the WorkKeys assessment.  For this assessment, Juniors will be covering four subject areas: English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Should parents have a choice in whether or not their child takes these assessments?  The MDE (Michigan Department of Education) says parents have no opt-out option.

As a school counselor, I would like to hear your opinion.


If you want to succeed, you must learn to plan!

Welcome to my blog!  As a High School counselor it is my goal to help students make the best choices for their future.  Please follow me as I provide guidance and help you make choices throughout your Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior years.  I know first hand how busy High School counselors are and the need for us to get more information out to our students.  I look forward to being an additional resource to all students and help guide you to make better choices in your education.